1. “humus and humility” article as published in the American Scientific Affiliation’s God and Nature Spring 2021 magazine – click on link below to read it.

2. five articles published by the Emerging Scholars Network of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship – “growing in respect: learning to fly”, “humility, caring, and cheerleading”, “if i had to do it again”, “stories for life”, and “not what i’d planned” – click on link below to read any or all of these articles

3. video of a talk i gave on faithfulness and trusting God in all things at Union University chapel, 2019 – click on link below to watch it

4. video part 1 of a Bible study on trusting God and thriving in suffering – there are 7 parts to this series (Nevertheless: Finding Hope in Suffering) – click on link below to watch it (and if you’re interested in seeing more of this series or other series i’ve done, please contact me via the contact me page.)

5. video of a talk illustrating Christian living principles from Scripture and soil science which i’ve given to various audiences ranging from college students to mature adults- click on link below to watch it.

6. if you’re interested in reading more or hearing more of similar resources, please contact me through the contact me page here on the website – thank you – i look forward to hearing from you!

*all resources listed here are written by and copyrighted to beth madison, ph.d., 2021

“Beth breaks Scripture down and applies it to everyday life. She asks thought-provoking questions to grow your relationship with the Lord. One of my favorite reminders is from 2 Timothy – we need our worldviews realigned from God’s Word. Beth strives to do just that in both her writings and her videos like in her quote from one of the Nevertheless videos ‘If we are not watching and listening, we can miss seeing God at work in us’.” (E.L.)

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