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  1. good ground: Biblical illustrations from a soil scientist – a book series designed to give new ideas on how basic soil science principles can illustrate Christian living essentials and bring a fresh perspective on studying Scripture alongside creation

VOLUME 1 from Northeastern Baptist Press is NOW AVAILABLE to order from Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Thrift Books, Book Depository, and other book distributors. Amazon link below for this.

Volume 2 coming Fall 2022 from Northeastern Baptist Press

here’s an excerpt from Volume 2

2. “above ground: more Biblical illustrations from an agronomist”

a book series with new ideas on how basic plant science principles can illustrate Christian living essentials and give a fresh look at Scripture when studied alongside science

3. “well-grounded: unearthing joy in the dust of today”

a book addressing the importance of the spiritual disciplines when practiced in light of our role as caretakers of creation and children of God

“Sitting under Beth’s teaching was uplifting and enriched my soul. I was in one of her Bible studies in a very difficult and fearful time in my life but quickly knew that God had me in the right place. I was encouraged to know that “even if” one of my fears came true, that I served Yahweh and that He would never leave me nor forsake me! If you have the chance, I recommend taking the time to hear God through Beth.” (C.F.)

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